Duck Riposte

Duck Riposte

Destroy the hunters and free the territory!
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Duck Riposte 2.0 is a very fun free arcade game with a very original story. At the main screen you will find the typical options to configure, screen view, sound and music on/off and your country definition, you will also have direct access to a help section that includes the story, enemies and bonus explanation. You are a fighting duck that is at war against hunters, so all you want to do is free your territory from these invaders. During your fight you will receive help from peaceful ducks that will give you bonuses like, machine guns, double guns, rocket projectors, triple rocket projectors, mega bombs, lifes, assistants and extra score. On the hunters side you will find airplanes, birds, helicopters and battle balloons. The game is very easy to control since all you need to use is the arrow keys in your keyboard for movement and to fire you need to press the space bar or Ctrl key. Download now this very simple but creative game that will surely bring you hours of fun and entertainment.

Augusto Rivera
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